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by Fun Little Toys

12PCS Easter Dinosaur Pull Back Cars with Dino Egg Cases


Dinosaur-Themed Pull Back Mini Car Vehicle Toys with Egg Cases for Kids Easter Basket Fillers & Party Favors

Fill your Easter with fun and excitement with our Dinosaur Car & Egg Collection that features a pull back feature that allows children to roll back and release the mini vehicles for a quicker and swifter speed. Designed with bright colors and realistic details to impress and captivate the kids. All of these fascinating features for non-stop fun and to keep them entertained for hours of racing and playing. 

Features of the Easter Dinosaur Pull Back Cars with Dino Egg Cases:

  • Dinosaur Collection Set: This collection includes a total of 12 dinosaurs, in six different shapes and textures (T-Rex, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Tarchia, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus), each designed with two colors and packed inside an egg case. 
  • Friction-Powered Vehicles: Designed with pull back features that you can easily pull and release for a fast and far-reaching result. These dinosaur cars can run a long distance for a longer and more enjoyable playtime.
  • Captivating Designs: The dinosaur cars are painted with vibrant colors and realistic details just like the dinosaurs in real life, to make it eye-catching and impressive for kids.
  • Non-Stop Fun Playtime Experience: A great activity for children to keep them busy and entertained for hours. Interact more and improve your child's companionship and growth development through these dinosaur pull back cars.
  • Holiday Gift & Party Favors: Ideal for gifting to children for Easter, Christmas, New Year, and birthdays. It's the perfect present for whatever occasion you’re celebrating.
  • Heavy-Duty & Premium-Quality: This product is highly durable and resilient to breakage, even when dropped from a table or staircase. Furthermore, it is made from non-toxic material, making it entirely safe for both boys and girls!