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by Fun Little Toys

17 Pcs Kids Beach Toy Set

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17 Pcs Kids Beach Toy Set

An impeccable craft wheel and a delicate watering can indicate the cause and effect. Kids can learn about motion in the effects of simple mechanics by pouring water through the funnel and observing wheels spinning. Make pristine sandcastles with this easy-to-use castle-shaped sand bucket! Pat sand into the sturdy plastic bucket mold. Flip it over, remove the mold, and “ahhh”! The retro castle presents in front of you. There are 9 different shapes of cute sand molds, including a fish, tortoise, pineapple, ice cream, city wall, pyramid, and pineapple. Enhance your little one’s imaginative play with such a great variety of plastic sea creatures.

Features of the 17 Pcs Kids Beach Toy Set

  • The Sand Building Kit from Fun Little Toys contains 19 uniquely-designed, and vibrantly-colored pieces for your little one to shape the sandcastle of their dreams! The product comes with a bucket, mesh carry bag, a shovel, two rakes, a variety of sand molds, and so much more.
  • This sand toy collection features a durable and waterproof mesh bag that stores everything and is easy to take anywhere you want. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the convenience of the carry bag, and your kids will be happy to hold onto these toys for many summers to come.
  • This sandcastle playset has all the sand molds your kids would like this summer! How far you decide to take your sand creations is determined only by the extent of your imagination! Not only do the colors serve as a captivating display of summer fun, but they also make clean-up an effortless occasion!
  • This exquisite set of beach toys, is a great gift for beach parties, birthday parties, pool party favors, seasonal party favors, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and more, making it the perfect beach toy.