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by Fun Little Toys

24PCS Dinosaur-Themed Mini Building Block Toys Set with Valentine Heart-Shaped Boxes


Valentine's Cartoon Dinosaur-Themed Building Toys Set with Heart-Shaped Gift Boxes for Kids Valentine Gift, Giveaways and Party Favors

Enhance your kids' creativity with imaginative play with our Valentine's 24-pack dinosaur building blocks set that comes with 24 heart-shaped boxes in 12 assorted and colorful designs. A 2-in-1 gift set consists of the dinosaur toy and a gift box that doubles as a card, making it a perfect addition to your Valentine gifts. These sets blend the thrill of construction with the charm of Valentine's Day, making them perfect for classroom exchanges, party favors, and gifts.

Features of the Dinosaur-Themed Mini Building Block Toys Set with Valentine Heart-Shaped Boxes:

  • Valentine’s Toy Pack: Including 24 building sets in 12 various dinosaur designs, each dinosaur comes with a gift box that doubles as a card in 8 fun designs. 
  • Dinosaur-Themed Blocks: Featuring 12 different dinosaur models that are designed and painted with creative and vibrant colors and patterns to make it realistic and eye-catching for kids' little eyes.
  • Exciting Building Fun: A step-by-step manual is included inside so be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully to assemble the blocks with the right parts.
  • Educational Valentine Toys: Forget the sweets, candies and engage your little ones with these educational dinosaur building blocks. These blocks will help children become familiar with the different names of the prehistoric creatures. It will also encourage them with imaginative play and improve children's logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Perfect Valentine's Gift: Great for school prizes, gift exchanges, and love notes, these dinosaur blocks in heart boxes are sure to be a hit among kids this Valentine's season.
  • Durable & Premium-Quality: Crafted with safe and high-quality materials to ensure the safety and well-being of our young audience for a delightful experience for all.