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by Fun Little Toys

24PCS Sea Animal Mini Building Blocks with Valentine Heart-Shaped Boxes


Adorable Sea Animal-Themed Mini Building Block Set with Heart Gift Boxes for Toddlers & Kids Valentine's Day Surprise Gifts & Party Favors 

Our 24-pack Valentine's Sea Animal Building Toys Set with complete 24 heart-shaped boxes that double as cards. Detailed instruction is included in each pack for easy assembling of the sea animal building blocks. A 2-in-1 Valentine's gift that offers easy and unique way to present gifts, providing endless fun and a creative gift-wrapping solution. Make your kids and toddlers' Valentine's celebration interesting and engaging in a way that they will definitely enjoy it.

Features of the Sea Animal Mini Building Blocks with Valentine Heart-Shaped Boxes:

  • Valentine Surprise Gift Pack: Consists of 24 building sets in 12 various sea animal creature designs, each with a gift box that doubles as a card in 8 fun designs. 
  • Sea Animal-Themed Blocks: Featuring 12 different sea animal designs such as whale, crab octopus, fishes, stingray and more! Designed with creative colors and patterns to make it look like the ones you see on real life. These building blocks add a touch of oceanic adventure to Valentine's Day, encouraging imaginative play.
  • Easy to Follow InstructionsA step-by-step manual is included inside so be sure to read and follow the instructions correctly to assemble the blocks with the right parts.
  • 2-in1 Gift Boxes: Make gift-giving effortless and convenient with our 2-in-1 gift boxes that doubles as a card. Say goodbye to the messy and traditional gift-wrapping.
  • Educational Valentine Toys: Skip the candies and chocolates on Valentine's and make your celebration interesting with these animal building blocks. These blocks encourage imaginative play and improve children's logical thinking, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Ideal for classroom prizes, exchanges, and love notes, this set is an excellent Valentine's gift option for children, sparking joy and creativity.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with durable and safe materials, ensuring a delightful and secure experience for all.