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by Fun Little Toys

28PCS Galaxy Slime Balls Stress-Relief Toys & Valentine Cards Set


28 Pack of Assorted Colored Galaxy Slime Balls Stress-Relief Soft Toys with Space-Themed Valentine Cards 

An amazing collection of 28-Pack Valentine's Galaxy Slime Set, featuring 7 uniquely designed space-themed cards, each with astronauts, rockets, or meteors, and a scratch-off back with a matching 7 different colored galaxy slimes. Simply adds a wow factor to your Valentine's classroom exchanges gifts, party favors and giveaways.

Features of the Galaxy Slime Balls Stress-Relief Toys & Valentine Cards Set:

  • Unique Designs & Colors: Comes with 7 distinct space-themed card designs and 7 vibrant slime colors, this set sparks creativity and visual interest, perfect for young space enthusiasts.
  • Stunning Tri-Color Shades: Each ball container holds a galaxy slime blending three gentle colors, offering kids a visually stunning and gentle tactile experience.
  • Engaging Scratch-Off Feature: Each card is designed with a unique space illustration and offers an interactive scratch-off experience, making each gift personal and surprising.
  • Stress Relief Toys: Our galaxy slime offers a fun way to relieve stress and boost hand-eye coordination by squishing, stretching, and kneading these soft slime balls.
  • Ideal Holiday Gifting Fun: Perfect choice for Valentine's Day classroom exchanges, these galaxy slimes and themed cards promise a fun and educational experience.
  • Safe & Child-Friendly Materials: Constructed with non-toxic, child-friendly materials, ensuring a safe and delightful experience for kids.