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by Fun Little Toys

28PCS Heart-Shaped Butter Slimes with Valentine Gnome Cards Kit


Assorted 28-Pack Heart-Shaped Butter Slimes with Valentine-Themed Adorable Gnome Cards for Boys & Girls Valentine's Day Gift, Party Favors & Giveaways

Introducing our 28-pack Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Slime Set, each paired with a cute Gnome gift card. Set includes 4 slime colors and 7 unique card designs, offering a blend of humor and cuteness. Make your Valentine's celebration fun and creative with these cute slime toys that will definitely excite and delight the little kids. Hand these out as Valentine gift, party favors, prizes or for other special occasions.

Features of the Heart-Shaped Butter Slimes with Valentine Gnome Cards Kit:

  • Complete Set of Valentine Gift: Including 28 heart-shaped slimes with 28 gnome-themed cards, this set promises a delightful and engaging Valentine's experience for kids.
  • Soft Fidget Toys: A fun and exciting way to relax and destress through stretching, squeezing, and molding it to different shapes and forms that also provides amusement and creative play.
  • Gnome-Themed Cards: Each gift card is designed with cute little gnomes along with a romantic statements, making it a perfect match to give on Valentine's to express your love and appreciation for everyone.
  • Unique & Interactive Playtime: These slimes and cards encourage social interaction and creativity among kids during Valentine's celebrations by handing out to everyone you love. 
  • Valentine's Day Gift Giving: A valentine-themed party favors that can accommodate small and large Valentine parties. Give these out as gifts, party favors, giveaways or prizes.
  • Safe for Kids: Crafted with safe and non-toxic materials, our slime and cards are designed for kids' safety and satisfaction to ensure a smooth playtime experience.