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by Fun Little Toys

28PCS Tri-Color Galaxy Slime Soft Fidget Toys & Valentine's Card Set


Multi-Color Galaxy Slime Stress Relief Soft Toys with Assorted Valentine-Themed Gift Cards for Kids Valentine's Gift Surprise & Party Favor Supplies

Be fascinated with this set of Tri-Color Slime & Valentine Cards Bundle, featuring 28 cards in 7 pastel color and designs and 28 tri-color galaxy slime containers in 2 unique colors. Both cards and slimes are crafted with unique styles and visually appealing, soft-colored slime, making it amazing and eye-catching for kids. It's a non-candy Valentine's gift that boys and girls alike will adore, perfect for classroom exchanges, party favor supplies and more.

Features of the Tri-Color Galaxy Slime Soft Fidget Toys & Valentine's Card Set:

  • Valentine Slime Collection: Includes 28pcs tri-color galaxy slime in 2 unique shades with 28 Valentine cards in 7 mermaid and unicorn-themed designs. 
  • Galaxy Tri-Color: Featuring a galaxy slime in three blending gentle colors, offering kids a visually stunning and gentle tactile experience and adding a wow factor to your gifts and party favors.
  • For Creativity & Stress-Relief: A fun way to relieve stress and boost hand-eye coordination by squishing, stretching, kneading and shaping these soft galaxy slime toys.
  • Valentine Gift & Party Favors: Complete with sticky dots to attach slime containers onto the cards, this slime and card set is a perfect Valentine’s Day classroom gift exchange, party favors or goodie bag fillers, offering a unique and playful gift option.
  • Safe & Child-Friendly Materials: Constructed with non-toxic and child-friendly materials, ensuring a safe and delightful experience for kids.