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by Fun Little Toys

2PCS (16oz) Halloween Washable Fake Stage Blood Single Bottle Realistic Makeup Props

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Realistic & Edible Halloween Fake Blood Props for Bloody Cosplay, Halloween Makeup, Trick or Treat Costume Decoration 

Including 2 packs of 16 oz bottles of fake blood prop for a non-stop fun and entertainment and to assure that everyone will be satisfied with the quality and quantity. All of the ingredients in this realistic fake blood are 100% safe, non-toxic and not irritating on skin when used because customers' health and safety are our number 1 priority before anything else. A great addition to your spooky costume to level up your halloween makeup and effects and definitely will be one of the most unforgettable highlights of your halloween. 

Features of the Halloween Fake Stage Blood Single Bottle Realistic Makeup Props:

  • Bundle Information: Consists of 2 bottles contain 16 oz each of red blood paint. Fake blood for clothes and face for a more realistic halloween makeup and special effects.
  • How to Use: Simply open this bottle of realistic fake blood. You may use a cup or your bare hands to transfer and apply the liquid blood makeup onto your face, body and clothes and make sure it looks and flows like the real vampire blood to effectively scare people.
  • Realistic Vibrant Red Blood: Features a bright blood red color that looks so real and perfect to use on halloween trick or treat and parties for a gruesome and scary costume, performance and effects that are 100% believable and will surely make everyone scream.
  • Convenient & Easy Clean-Up: We made sure the non greasiness texture or smell of this fake blood to avoid being uncomfortable. This blood is easy to wash and remove on your hands, face, skin and even on clothes, just scrub it with water and soap for a hassle-free cleanup after, no need to worry in your mess.
  • Party Props & Decoration: Create a bloody look with a dripping halloween blood whatever the occasion is, this is a perfect gift for everyone who loves spooky and horror stuff. You can use it anytime you want to scare anyone or especially on halloween trick or treat and parties for an extra stage blood effect.
  • Safe, Edible & Premium-Quality Ingredients: Non-toxic and 100% safe to use because aside from props and entertainment, we prioritize everyone's health and safety to make sure our products are more enjoyable and reliable.