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by Fun Little Toys

36PCS Colorful Valentine’s Crazy Loop Drinking Straws with Gift Cards


Assorted Shapes Crazy Loop Curly Drinking Straws with Colorful Gift Cards for Kids Valentine's Day Accessories, Party Favors & Classroom Gift Exchanges

Add a wow factor to your Valentine party favors with our 36-pack straw and card set, featuring 36 cards in 8 colorful drink designs and 36 fun-shaped straws in 11 fun and unique styles. These straw sets will definitely enhance your gift-giving surprise and make your drinking beverages exciting and enjoyable in every sip. Perfect for kids' parties, and classroom activities, and as unique Valentine's Day gifts.

Features of the Colorful Valentine’s Crazy Loop Drinking Straws with Gift Cards:

  • Fun Shaped Straw Bundle: Consists of 36pcs Valentine cards with a diverse range of 8 colorful card designs and 36pcs straws in 11 fun and unique shapes. These sets offer a delightful variety, making every drink special and easily distinguishable at parties.
  • Assorted Colors & Shapes: The bundle features various loop shapes and colors to make your beverage drinks tasty, eye-catching and fun-looking. Step up your drinking game and fill your every sip with fun and excitement.
  • Mix & Match: Each card is paired with a matching straw, creating cute mockup drinks that spice up the party, make drinking more enjoyable on Valentine's Day and to make your gift-giving more personalized with the cute and funny statements in every card.
  • Special Occasions Gifting Option: These sets bring fun with reusable loop straws, making them an ideal gift for kids who love quirky and interactive surprises. Great for kids birthday parties, classroom exchanges and more.
  • Heavy-Duty & High-Quality: Made from safe, durable and non-toxic materials to ensure children's safety and well-being while using the product.