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by Fun Little Toys

Rotating Magic Bean Puzzle Toy 3pcs


Features of the Magic Bean Cube Toy and Fidget Spinner 2-in-1 Fingertip

  • Rotation, Movement, Puzzle-Solving: It features a unique two-in-one decompression function. It is a fingertip gyroscope toy that spins 360 degrees not only on your fingertips but also on the table. It is a puzzle toy that the beads move around, mix up, and then rearrange into the same color groups.
  • Novelty Stress Relief Toys: Not only a colorful and creative fidget toy, but also a practical tool to relieve your pressures stress and make you calm down, and enhance your attention, logical thinking, hand coordination, and spatial imagination of the brain, offering you an effective exercise way while playing.
  • Great Gift: you can share these sensory fidget toys with your classmates, colleagues, or students as a sweet gift, it is small and lightweight, perfect for carrying in a bag and playing while walking, jogging, or running. It is also an ideal way to bond with friends and enhance your friendships
  • Reliable Quality: These sensory fidget toys are made of high-quality ABS material, which is safe and durable, the round and polished corners, smooth and sturdy, and well-inlaid small beads make it comfortable to hold and not easy to fall off, you can play with it for a long time.
  • Play Tips: This toy's three ends can rotate 360 degrees, and by turning the middle dial, the beads can move in circular or linear motions on each section. When using it, make sure the beads are aligned with the joints to avoid difficult rotations. If you apply too much force, the beads will be ejected. You can create different combinations based on the colors of the beads. It's challenging but also brings endless fun.