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by Fun Little Toys

5-in-1 Carrier Truck Toy Set

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The Best 5-in-1 Carrer Truck Toy Set provides exciting car toy versatility

The 5-in-1 Carrier Truck Toy Set provides a multi-featured, endlessly entertaining experience for children of all ages. Each vehicle is designed with bright colors that are sure to dazzle the eyes and capture the mind. Friction-based power makes it so your child’s fun will never “run out of gas”, while the flashing lights and real-life engine sounds ensure that all of the senses remain in drive. We practice safety by buckling up on the road, and this Toy Set makes the roads of imagination a safe place too: each vehicle being designed with round, smooth-to-the-touch premium quality plastic material. So buckle up, and load your children’s playtime onto the endless road of imagination with the 5-in-1 Carrier Truck Toy Set by Fun Little Toys.

Prepare for tons of interactive fun with this light and sound transport truck

  • 5-in-1 Set: The 5-in-1 Carrier Truck Toy Set includes 4 friction-powered toy vehicles: submarine, vessel, ferry boat, and ship, in addition to 1 friction-powered double-decker trailer
  • Look and Listen: Prepare for tons of interactive fun with this light and sound transport truck. Your kids will have a blast using the multi-featured transport truck, which offers flashing headlights, melodic music, and true-to-life engine sound. These features are easily powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). 
  • Push-and-Go Design: All five vehicles included in this package are powered by friction, simply push the cars back and watch them go. This innovative feature requires zero battery power, making the playtime endless, and hassle-free
  • Transport and Transform: The Carrier Truck Toy Set offers an impressive amount of fun, easy to use features that will quickly prove to be an enchanting item for your children to enjoy. Want a “break from the pack”? Detach the cab of our Carrier Truck and roam the road free of a load. For an even more true-to-life experience, this truck has a ramp designed with fun in mind. The ramp for loading and unloading these vehicles is built with a pivot, allowing the ramp to move up and down at-will
  • Entertainment for All: Boys and girls of all ages will have hours of fun playing with Fun Little Toy’s Carrier Truck Playset. All loaded, our product is the perfect size for any playtime and any location, measuring 18.5” L x 7.87”H x 5.90”W. Two levels of fun and entertainment, entirely built from premium quality ASB plastic material