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by Fun Little Toys

60 PCs Cute 3D Puzzle Erasers for Kids

$19.95 $25.00

60 PCs Cute 3D Puzzle Erasers for Kids

60 erasers in total make for a collection that can be parceled out as small gifts or rewards, or even used as goodie bag stuffers at your next classroom party. Whether you are an educator looking for a little something to incentivize your children to get on their classwork or a parent looking to surprise your little ones with something they’ll cherish for as long as they’ll remember, the Emoji Erasers are the best choice for you this season. School supplies this stylish are just asking to be a part of your kid’s collection this year. The Emoji Erasers from Fun Little Toys are a collection of back-to-school gifts that just keep on giving. At such an incredible value, get on board with these brightly colored slate cleaners and you won’t regret it.

Features of the 60 PCs Cute 3D Puzzle Erasers

  • Eraser Collection: Pack contains 60 cute erasers each designed with delightful little fashion accessories that are sure to entertain your elementary-aged girls. Get rid of those pesky pencil marks with a triple-decker ice cream cone, or erase that wandering line with a piece of pizza pie!
  • Individual Packaging: Every mini eraser in the collection comes individually wrapped, and measures between approximately 1-2” inches in length. In fact, the package itself is designed with portability in mind, measuring in at 9.6” L x 6.1” W x 2.6” H.
  • Multi-Use Gift: Use these colorful erasers as a gift to the classroom student, as goodie bag stuffers, kids' Christmas party supplies, giveaways, stocking stuffers.
  • Puzzle Pencil Erasers: Different varieties of puzzle eraser toys in realistic & miniature shapes, each one can be taken apart and reassembled.
  • Brightly Colored: Shapes include zoo animals, ocean creatures, food items, fruits & vegetables, tableware & cookware. Your child will never have a lack of variety to stack in their pencil pack.