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by Fun Little Toys

Advent Calendar: Slime Pack

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A Christmas Advent Calendar the Kids Are Going To Love

Dive into a wonderful collection of kids favorite kind of toy: slime stuff! Featuring a variety of fun, bold colors including sky blue, purple, yellow, holiday red, lime green, ocean blue, orange cream, and so much more. As a way to glam up your slime-creations, add any of the Glitter Packs into some stretched out slime for even more entertainment.

The days of December are strewn about in fun randomity across this pre-filled advent calendar. Parents, watch on in joy as your children experience the joy of opening a tiny prize gift everyday in this magical holiday month. The holidays just got a whole lot smiley-er with the Christmas stocking stuffers inside this!

 Benefits of the Best Advent Calendar for Christmas

  • Adorably Designed: The Fun Little Toys Advent Calendar: Slime Pack features 1 Christmas Advent Calendar displaying a Jolly Santa Claus enjoying his favorite food in his North Pole home on the front. Experience a real treat flipping it over and discovering a cozy holiday family room with fireplace, armchair, alongside 24 Cubbies packed with 24 Slime Supplies
  • High Quality Calendar: Made entirely from premium quality materials, this countdown calendar is going to serve as more than just an activity for the family. Shiny and smooth, the bright holiday colors and captivating holiday scene is going to keep friends, families, and guests hearts warm and kids entertained. You’ll want to keep this in the open all month long
  • Measured with Care:  Measuring 14.1”L x 9.5”W x 1.9”H, these advent calendars for kids  contain Cubbies just big enough to pack a combination of 3 unique types of slime kit excitement. These include 8 Slime Eggs, 12 Slime Jars, and 4 Glitter Packs! Lightweight yet packed with Christmas party favors, the whole family can enjoy this countdown calendar with ease
  • Slime Excitement: Kids are going to be thrilled with each of the included slime accessories. Get creative with your decorating – mixing and matching glitters and slimes to your heart’s content! Encourage your children to create classic Christmastime symbols with their daily additions of slime toys. Safely store holiday masterpieces inside any of the 8 Eggs to cherish the memory
  • Kid-Approved, Parent-Friendly:  Let’s face it – kids absolutely adore Santa Claus. And what better way to encourage their Christmas cheer than with a combo of these classic holiday symbols and our own favorite slime toys for kids! Buy the Fun Little Toys Advent Calendar: Slime Pack today and your family will be enjoying it throughout the season