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by Fun Little Toys

Baby Bath Toy Boat

$20.95 $26.95

Introducing the Best Baby Bath Toy Boat bundle from Fun Little Toys

The Boat Bath Toy Boat offers 1 wind-up powered towboat alongside 6 unique bath blaster boats, making for playtime that’s brimming with splishin’-splashin’ joy.

Wind up the towboat and watch it sail through a toddler’s tub; dunk the bath blaster boats in the water and simply squeeze for endless water-squirting entertainment! Sized perfectly to fit those tiny toddler hands, and amazingly versatile in their ability to traverse bathtime and pool time, these bath toys are guaranteed to blow you out of the water. Hop aboard Pop Fun’s product and set sail for relaxing entertainment in the tub today!

These kids' bath toys are easy to operate and feature a wide range of fun usability

  • Seaworthy Selection: The Boat Bath Toys Bundle from Pop Fun contains one fully functional towboat that is both customizable and able to cruise the waters on wind-up power innovation, as well as 6 vibrant, unique bath blaster boat
  • Easy n’ Breezy Bathtime: These toddler bath toys are sure to make bathtime a breeze for parents and children alike! All that’s necessary to set sail with the towboat ship is a simple wind-up function that will set it off cruising comfortably, providing endless and engaging bathtub entertainment
  • Perfectly Sized for Playtime: Toddlers in the tub will have no issues puddling around with these bath toys! The towboat measures 12” long, 3.5” wide, and 5.5” high: a terrific tub size for a toddler’s playtime. Each of the 6 tiny bath blaster boats measures 3” long
  • Choose Your Waters: Setting off for the pool? Your kids will want to bring along the Boat Bath Toys Bundle, and the good news is they can! These bath toys farewell on both pool and bathwaters.
  • Sailing Safely: Each unique item in this toddler bath toys collection is made from 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, BPA-Free premium-quality plastic material