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by Fun Little Toys

6' Ft Bearing Gifts Holiday Inflatable

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Christmas Inflatables

Santa has come Bearing Gifts holiday lawn inflatable style

The Bearing Gifts holiday blow-up Christmas décor includes 1 Tiny Santa Claus riding on 1 Arctic Polar Bear and carrying 1 Bag of Christmas Gifts, all measuring an enormous 6’ Feet in Height! The Arctic Polar Bear is dressed in cute and cozy winter attire while Santa Claus bears his classic warm red and bright white color. Christmas décor this cute is going to transform your lawn from “Yawn” to “Keep Your Eyes On!” Nifti Nest designed 4 Bright-Lite Lightbulbs shining inside throughout the Arctic Polar Bear and Tiny Santa. 2 Bright-Lite Lightbulbs come pre-installed inside the traveling bear, 1 Bright-Lites in the Bag of Christmas Gifts, and finally 1 Bright-Lite inside Santa Claus. All of this to ensure that your Christmas decorations and outdoor yard combo glow bright with holiday cheer!

christmas lawn inflatables this precious deserve to be purchased

  • Fun and Cute Design: Includes 1 Tiny Santa Claus riding on 1 Arctic Polar Bear and carrying 1 Bag of Christmas Gifts, all measuring an enormous 6’ Feet in Height

6 Feet of Seasonal Smiles
The Bearing Gifts installation is guaranteed to brighten up the holidays for your family, friends, and neighborhood. Amusing and atmospheric, everyone's going to love looking at this terrifically tall Christmas inflatable. Bring a smile to your loved ones and buy the Bearing Gifts Holiday Inflatable on PopFun today!

  • Premium Quality: This inflatable is packed with a Power-Duty Blower making for an idyllic holiday centerpiece promised to power the weather. Designed in-house by our team in Southern California, experience inflatables standing as the debut line of the Nifti Nest brand 

  • Simple Setup and Storage: Pick a spot you’d like to pack with holiday joy, plug in the inflatable with included Power Cord which provides over 6’ feet of cable length, and watch on in cheer as your new favorite decoration comes to life in moments

Easy Setup, Easy Storage

Decorating for the holidays has never been this enjoyable. The instructions are clear - and even printed right on the packaging! And better yet, once the holidays are done, simply fold the deflated inflatable and place it back into the high-quality product package and you're all set.

  • Bright Lights: There are 4 Bright-Lite Lightbulbs shining inside throughout the Bearing Gifts installation

Free Shipping, Money-Back Guarantee

We here at PopFun want everyone to enjoy the holidays without any of that extra stress. That's exactly why we've decided to provide Free Shipping to our valued customers for a limited time only. Buy a Bearing Gifts inflatable of your very own while supplies last!

  • High-Quality Service: We are proud to provide quality service, maintaining a customer care team available for you to contact at any time with any questions, comments, or concerns about your order or product. Should you ever need, simply contact our customer care team