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by Fun Little Toys

Bloody Handprint Bundle

$12.95 $25.95

Enjoy the Bloody Handprint Bundle for scary style this Halloween

Walking through the neighborhood during peak Halloween season, you look to the left and spot a house with a horrifying sight on the door and windows. It can only be one thing: the Halloween Bloody Handprints from Fun Little Toys. There’s 1…2…3 sets of bloody handprints all over the front of the house. Wait, what’s that on the floor? There are bloody footprints that have created an ominous pathway towards the haunted house at the corner of the street. Easy to place and easy to remove, the Halloween Bloody Handprints represent a classic Halloween scare that you can add to your house without too-much extra effort this year. Enjoy making this a part of your haunted house this year, and browse through the entire Fun Little Toys holiday collection while you’re at it for even more frightful delight.

Presenting the best Halloween stickers apart of the haunted holiday collection

  • Haunting Prints: The Halloween Bloody Print Bundle from Fun Little Toys provides a bloody handprint footprint sticker set that’s to die for 3 footprints & 3 handprints
  • Effortlessly Enjoyable: These Halloween party decorations can be enjoyed effortlessly, simply peel back the plastic and place it on any surface to add that perfect amount of spooky atmosphere
  • Smooth Surface Friendly: Find a smooth surface to place these bloody Halloween decorations & it’s promised to stick all season long. Watch in delight as neighbors, guests, and family alike reel back in surprise when they lay their eyes on any prints found in this Halloween sticker bundle
  • Adding Atmosphere: Add that extra touch of atmosphere to any scene with these spooky window stickers for Halloween. Create a haunted path by setting down each of the 3 included footprints up to the house, showing guests your commitment to the fun, freaky festivities
  • Premium Quality Scares: Assured to provide a flashy, fun, festive & premium touch to your Haunted Holiday Home. Watch as your friends do a double, triple take as they see these high-quality bloody Halloween decorations