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by Fun Little Toys

Blue Toy Construction Truck

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Construction time is here - grab the Blue Toy Construction Truck from PopFun

Take a look at this beautiful sky Blue Toy Construction Truck! A transforming construction truck toy that allows for an excitingly-variable experience while in the imaginary land of construction zone entertainment. Little ones are going to absolutely love getting to play with this truck toy for toddlers which allows over 13 unique shapes to be constructed. Throw on your imaginary construction hats and get to work - featuring play screwdrivers and play nails to use while transforming the Blue Toy Construction Truck into the car toy for kids of your dreams. 

  • DIY Entertainment: A Transforming Toy to Encourage Kid Engineers
  • Terrific Take-Apart: 13 Different Construction Truck Toys Available for Use
  • Ages 6 & Up: This Construction Toy Is Recommended for Ages 6 And Up
  • Develops Hands-On Ability: Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hands-On Ability