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by Fun Little Toys

Candy Shop Building Blocks Set


From the aspiring confectioner to the master builder, everyone will find joy in creating their very own candy haven.

  • Premium Quality Blocks: Made with top-grade, non-toxic materials, these colorful building blocks adhere to the highest safety standards, offering durability and secure construction
  • Vibrant and Colorful Design: The Candy Shop comes to life with an array of bright colors and imaginative, candy-themed elements. From the pink-tiled roof and candy cane pillars to the detailed shop windows displaying miniature candy pieces, every feature is a delight to build and behold
  • Interactive Building Experience: With 600+ pieces, builders are challenged to engage critical thinking, coordination, and creativity. This comprehensive set is suitable for solo or group play, encouraging social skills and teamwork.
  • Realistic Details: Beyond the structure, this set includes adorable accessories and figurines such as shop owners, patrons, a variety of candy displays, and a storefront sign. These details enrich the narrative and playability, inviting builders to engage in imaginative play after construction.
  • Educational Value: Through the building process, children enhance fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving techniques. This set merges the worlds of fun and learning, making it a fantastic educational tool.