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by Fun Little Toys

Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar

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Christmas Rubber Duck Advent Calendar for Kids

Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar

Countdown to the holidays with the Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar! Every day for 24 days, punch open the corresponding date and number on the box. Open and discover the cutest Christmas rubber ducky! 

Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar

Together, you and your child can punch open every corresponding date number on the box. Bring the rubber ducky to the bathtub with your child and allow them to celebrate Christmas in the ways they know best! Have fun playing with the rubber ducks in and out of the tub. 

Christmas Rubber Ducks Advent Calendar 

Incorporate the daily advent calendar surprise into your bath time routine and make bath time exciting for your child. Bring this cute and festive duck outside of the tub and bring him to to daycare or to a family vacation! Get your child 24 different holiday themed rubber ducks today!

  • 🦆 COUNTDOWN CALENDAR FOR KIDS - Your kids will fall in love with this Christmas countdown calendar! These make perfect companions, bath toys, and pool toys.

  • 🦆 CUTE MINI RUBBER DUCKS DESIGN - These ducks are small sized, perfect for your children's small hands. In each box, there is a small duck toy with giraffe print, snowman clothes, a Santa Claus outfit, reindeer costume, and more! Every day is a new surprise.

  • 🦆 CREATIVE GIFT FOR ALL - This Christmas calendar gift box is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Make it a part of your holiday morning routine. Punch a new number in the box each morning or bring your newly found rubber duck to the bath with you!

  • 🦆 MOTIVATIONAL - Every precious moment can be educational and motivational. Use the opportunity to teach them what the items are on the duck's body, such as a hat, what color it is, and what animal it looks like. Have them work for their daily goals and use the advent calendar as a reward.

  • 🦆 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with your countdown calendar experience, please reach out to us! We are more than happy to understand how we can make your holiday shopping experience a merrier one!