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by Fun Little Toys

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar with Cars

$25.95 $38.00

Christmas Surprise Countdown Advent Calendar with Cars

Every day becomes Christmas with this incredibly fun Advent Calendar with Cars! Your car-loving children will wake up every day with excitement to add a new toy car to their collections. Build up excitement towards the big day with this surprise box.


This is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Start your day right with a happy surprise. Throughout the day, your children will have fun with these new cars. They are small, light, and portable enough to accompany your child anywhere they go. It will keep them company and engaged. 


Parents, use these fun car toys to motivate your children. Have them complete their daily tasks to earn these super cool car toys. Because they'll love these toys, they will complete them quickly to obtain this reward! 

  • 🚗 COUNTDOWN CALENDAR FOR KIDS - Your kids will fall in love with this Christmas countdown calendar! These cars will be your children's car seat toys, and they'll want to take them everywhere they go.

  • 🚗 FUN MINI CARS FOR CHRISTMAS - The assorted designs daily will keep your kids excited and coming back for more!

  • 🚗 CREATIVE GIFT FOR ALL - Gift your kids and families a mystery box full of daily surprises. Make it a part of your morning routine, every day, for 24 days until the big Christmas day. Punch a new number in the box and discover a cool new vehicle or plane.

  •  🚗 MOTIVATIONAL - Every precious moment can be educational and motivational. Use the opportunity to teach them what the items are, what color it is, and have them work for their daily goals, using the advent calendar as a reward.

  •  🚗 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not satisfied with your countdown calendar experience, please reach out to us! We are more than happy to help and see how we can make your holiday shopping experience a merrier one!