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by Fun Little Toys

Crawling Halloween Mummy

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Style your haunted home as the Pharaohs did with the Crawling Halloween Mummy

Green eyes flash from behind a Halloween Mummy perched up on a haybale in the yard. Guests can’t help but take a closer look, and upon investigation see that this indeed is the mummy of which they heard so much about. A graveyard ghoul that’s going to make a mark on your Halloween lawn this season. Setup is simple, all you need are 3 AA Batteries to place into the conveniently located battery pack. Once inside, flick the switch and you’ll be shining for hours. That means no outlets to worry about, no unnecessary extensions cords you need to grab from the garage. Fun Little Toys provides toys made from the most premium quality materials, ensuring that your investment is going to last for more than just one season.

  • Classically Creepy: The Halloween Mummy from Fun Little Toys makes for classic & creepy Halloween lawn decorations for your home this season
  • Haunted Animatronic: Watch as this undead mummy twists from left to right and flashes bright green lights from the beyond right through the eyes
  • Versatile Graveyard: Lawn stakes are great, and gives Halloween enthusiasts the ability to place on the patio, front lawn, or even the backyard - the choice is yours
  • Effortlessly Enjoyable: All that’s required to power these Halloween graveyard decorations are 3 AA Batteries. That means there’s no problem if you can’t find an outlet, and makes decorating Halloween style a worry-free event
  • Spooky & Storable: The Halloween Mummy represents holiday decor that lasts for more than just one season of fun. Pack this product back into its original packaging & the Halloween Zombie is sure to return for more
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight加unit size 15.35*7.87*5.51[inch] & 1.51[lbs]