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by Fun Little Toys

Crawling Red-Eyed Spider with Web

$19.95 $42.95

Halloween Decorations

The Crawling Red-Eyed Spider has arrived, ready to spin its web

The Crawling Red-Eyed Spider from Fun Little Toys comes packed with a giant animatronic spider, guaranteed to bewitch your beloved guests this Halloween season. If you’re trying to set an amusingly macabre mood at your holiday parties, this giant spider set holds a dazzling, daunting diameter, and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. With just 3 AA Batteries, and the flick of a switch, this spider will be moving across the floors and dazzling guests!

  • Electronic Movement: The Crawling Red-Eyed Spider Moves Across the Floor with Ease
  • Flashing Red Eyes: When Switched On, the Eyes Flash Red
  • Battery-Powered Movement: Pop in 3 AA Batteries, and You're Set for Grooving Ghoulishly
  • Posable Legs: Fun Little Toys Designed This Spider with Posable Legs, and Wheels On the Spider's Underbelly
  • Worry-Free Warranty: The Product Comes Alongside a 90 Day Worry-Free Warranty
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight7.87*7.48*3.94[inch] & 0.88[lbs]