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by Fun Little Toys

Crazy Matching Card Game

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The best family card game is none other than the Crazy Matching Card Game 

The team over at the fun factory inside Fun Little Toys HQ just brought by their favorite game: Crazy Matching Cards! Jam packed with 54 Crazy Cards that display an exciting selection of 8 symbols, get everyone engaged in a game that's going to be fun for everyone. Between any two cards in this cool card game for kids, there’s just 1 common symbol; it’s a race to figure out which symbol that is! Name it out loud, with the first player saying being the player to take the card – and maybe even the win. Play as you wish and wish as you play - for a crazy fun time, get Crazy Cards today!

This kids card game is going to quickly become a favorite for friends of all ages

  • Crazy Collection: This card game for kids contains over 54 Uniquely Exciting Cards
  • Selection of Symbols: A kids card game that offers 8 various symbols displayed on each card
  • Varied & Versatile: The Crazy Matching Card Game contains plenty of different ways to play
  • Educational Entertainment: Toddlers are going to learn common symbols and enjoy educational entertainment with this toddler card game set
  • Easy to Play: This game offers easy-to-follow instructions making for an effortless playtime