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by Fun Little Toys

Easter Egg Army Toys

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Easter Egg Army Toys

Sir, the Forces of Valor are running low on cars, planes, tanks, and helicopters! With the Green Machines comin’ upon our squad in Battle Valley, we need to get our guys in there stat – what should we do? Ah, soldier, the answer is simple - Kid Captain Action is on the way with reinforcements! There’s no better way to save the day than with these Military Cars Building Blocks! Kid Captains can use their creativity to craft 12 unique and exciting action-packed army toys and vehicles sure to bring victory for the Forces of Valor in Battle Valley and beyond. Kid Captain Action – the commander is requesting a Quadcopter from your location, how do you respond? Grab the Quadcopter package and get to engineering a rescue vehicle! Don’t worry Cap, there are a couple of ways to get this craft soarin’ through the sky – use your creative freedom to make a design from your kid engineering brain, or follow the detailed instructions packed inside your cool toys Military Cars Building Blocks: the easiest way to remember your training! Base camp is stacked with pieces of tiny engineering building block enjoyment - there might even be Easter Eggs! Tanks, jets, anti-air missile trucks, and more are all at Kid Captain’s disposal, making playtime for little engineers and Kid Captain’s an action-packed excitement experience. Building blocks the right way leads to an educational and entertaining way for your little engineers to play!

Features of the Easter Egg Army Toys

  • Set contains one dozen (12) medium-sized pre-filled Easter eggs that are prefilled with 12 assorted military vehicle building blocks. 
  • Each egg measures 3 inches tall x 2 inches in diameter. Each surprise egg is individually wrapped and contains a military vehicle inside. Included in each plastic egg are detailed and illustrated instructions for smooth assembly. All building bricks military vehicles come with functioning tires.
  • Perfect for Easter basket stuffers, Easter egg hunt games, kids party favors, goodie bag fillers, giveaways, prize boxes, grab bags and holiday gifts.