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by Fun Little Toys

Easter Eggs Prefilled with Dinosaur Toys 48 Pcs

$23.95 $27.94

48 Pack Easter Eggs Prefilled with Mini Dinosaur Toys Figures

Hey Kid Time-Traveler! The machine actually worked - check out all of these Roaring Dinosaurs..there must be 1...2...3...4… 48 Dinosaurs here! Wow. That’s an impressive arrangement of dinosaur toys: Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, and so much more. Dinosaur toys for kids have never looked this vibrantly colored - there’s dazzling detail on each piece! Sheesh - these Roaring Dinos look like they came out of actual dinosaur eggs. At such an affordable price, let your child become a Kid Time-Traveler with these dino toys today! The product comes packed with an additional egg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize: 24 treasure eggs packed inside!

Features of the 48-Pack Easter Eggs Prefilled with Mini Dinosaur Toys Figures

  • 48 Dazzlingly-Detailed Roaring Dinosaur Toys
  • A Variety of Exciting Colors and Dino Designs
  • Premium Quality Prehistoric Representations
  • Easy to Play With, Exciting to Learn!
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside