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by Fun Little Toys

Ferry Bath Toy Boat

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Set sail for smiles with the Ferry Bath Toy Boat making for the best bathtime yet

This here Ferry Bath Toy Boat holds 4 toy boats or 4 toy cars and comes sized perfectly for both swimmers and landlubbers alike! Measuring 9.8” L x 7.1” W x 7.9” H, this marvelous vessel will hold true even in the toughest of bathtub squalls! The storage ramp on the bath toy boat slides up and down, making loading among the splashes a snap. Each of the water toys sports a water-squirtin’ ability that’ll bring smiles to even the most weather-worn sailor! Designed with beautiful colors, these 3” inch long water-squirters are easy to use: just dunk ‘em and squeeze ‘em for that silly-squirtin’ bath time experience little sailors are bound to love. Take off on the seas of bathtime excitement with this bath play set.

  • Ferry Fun: The Ferry Bath Toy Boat set from Fun Little Toys provides 9 exciting bath toys for kids to enjoy
  • Colorful Collection: Sporting all types of colors that are going to captivate the attention of your little one during the time in the tub
  • Make a Splash: Little cars and boats included inside this product also function as fun little water-squirters
  • Mold-Free Bath Toys: Fun Little Toys designed this bath toy playset to be resistant to mold and other issues found in kids' water toys
  • Simple Storage: After playtime is over, simply load up each of the toys into the ferry, and storage is done