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by Fun Little Toys

Food & Animal Erasers in Easter Eggs

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Cute and Lovely Food & Animal Erasers in Easter Eggs Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Watch out - the Puzzle Erasers Pack from PopFun is in town today! That means there are 72 Puzzle Erasers to be used as school supplies or just plain ol’ erasers for kids! There are Animal Erasers, Fun-Food Erasers, Fun Car Erasers, Play Kitchen Erasers, and so much more packed inside this magical collection. Go ahead and grab that Cute Panda Eraser, guaranteed to make the day at school that much more fantastic! Teachers can give these out as classroom-wide rewards, and parents can give ‘em out for kiddos making sure they’ve done their classroom chores. Measuring out to a couple of inches long, these are perfectly sized for easy erasability. The product comes packed with an additional egg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize: 24 treasure eggs packed inside!

Features of Food & Animal Toy Easter Egg

  • 72 Awesome Puzzle Erasers
  • Maintains A Wide Range of Colors and Designs
  • Perfectly Sized for Easy Erasability
  • Perfect Party Favor or Classroom Gift
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside