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by Fun Little Toys

Funky Glasses Frames-Bash Bonanza

$14.95 $22.95

Put on any one of these funky frames and you’ll be bringing big-time smiles to family and friends alike! 

The Funky Glasses Frames from Fun Little Toys include 14 unique, summer-style designs that are guaranteed to be a hit at any get-together. Set the mood for your sunny gatherings with this funky fresh, beach-bash bonanza kit today.

  • Sunny-Selection: Each of these frames offers up a unique design with a similar theme: summertime fun! The Funky Glasses Frames-Bash Bonanza kit is loaded with fun-styled frames that are shaped after and decorated with various words and pictures: pineapples and popsicles, ice cream cones, and honeycombs. Whichever frame you so happen to choose, this kit packs all you need in order to add shine to the party.

  • Frames Gone-Green: Our frames are designed with planet earth in mind. Every frame is made with materials that have intentionally been produced with the goal of reducing environmental impact. Wear these frames with pride knowing that you’ve contributed to a company that looks out for your comfort and style, and planets that smile.

  • Favorite Favors: Send your party-goers home in style with these Beach-Bash Bonanza Frames. Brightly colored and boldly designed, each frame makes a wonderful would-be gift for your family and friends. Make your party an instant favorite with favors like these.

  • Photobooth Fun: Getting stuck on thinking up new ways to enliven your party? Give the ol’ photo booth a try! Offer guests their pick of funky frames and the opportunity to photograph it all. Your party is sure to be one-to-remember with the Beach-Bash Bonanza Frames, as these photographs with your frames will bring smiles lasting a lifetime.