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by Fun Little Toys

Green Recycling Truck Toy

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$21.95 $25.95

Surprise Little Friends Of The Planet With Popfun's Green Recycling Truck!

Want to join in on the Earth-Friendly Environmental Entertainment? Look no further – PopFun’s got you covered when it comes to any and all playtime planetary needs. Hear that engine sound? That must mean one thing…the Green Recycling Truck Toy is bringing joy and smiles to tiny tots and the planet earth alike! This planet-friendly plaything provides real flashing lights, engine sounds, and a functioning fun ramp into one earth-friendly toy that’s bound to excite! Educate and entertain family and friends for a memorable delight with this affordable buy.

  • Exciting And  Educational Eco-Friendly Recycling Truck
  • Beautifully Colored In Bright Recycling Green
  • Fully Functional – Movable Ramp, Engine Sounds, And Eye-Catching Lights
  • Perfectly Sized For Playtime: 12.3” L x 7.12” W x 4.72” H
  • Container Can Be Filled To Fit Toys, Or Even Recyclables