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by Fun Little Toys

Halloween Ghost Decorations, 3 pcs

$22.95 $28.95

Halloween Decorating Ideas:
The Festive Halloween Ghost

Don't break the bank for this spooky season! Decorate your entire home with our Festive Halloween Ghost, both inside and outside. They are spooky and adorable, perfect for your haunted house and Halloween parties. 


No crying this Halloween-- These ghosts are perfect for anybody, they are child-friendly as well, with their happy smiles! They each wear little hats and a sign that says "BOO" across their bodies. It is brightly colored, in perfect contrast with the white backdrop of their ghost bodies. 


Neatly packaged away in a cute box, the ghost is also super convenient and portable for storage after use. FUN LITTLE TOYS has designed everything with your convenience in mind. Easily foldable and easy to set up. Have a fun Halloween season in a matter of seconds. 

Features of the Halloween Ghost Decorations

  • 👻 SPOOKY - Cute ghost faces wear a witch hat with a "BOO" flag on their chests. 
  • 👻 GOOD QUALITY: High-quality mesh fabric, odor-free, non-fading, and long-lasting. 
  • 👻 EASY TO HANG - Each ghost comes with long-lasting lanyards, making setup simple and enjoyable. A hook or nail is required to get these ghouls flying. Bendable arms and lightweight creates a floating illusion. 
  • 👻 EASY STORAGE - Easily foldable. Fun Little Toys designed each ghost with your enjoyment in mind, from setup to storage!
  • 👻 VERSATILE USAGE - For pretty much anywhere and any occasion. Great for the front yard, patio, lawn, garden, trees, windows, doors, graveyard scenes, and lampposts. For indoors, it is great for offices, haunted houses, ceilings, stairways, Halloween-themed parties, party supplies, performance props, and other ghost-themed activities! 

  • Core Information

    Dimensions: 7.09 x 4.72 x 6.69"

    Weight: 0.29 lbs.