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by Fun Little Toys

Halloween Squishy Toys

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Cute and collectible, get onboard with the Halloween Squishy Toys

The Halloween Squishies from Fun Little Toys packs in 2 dozen delightfully exciting Halloween squish toys bearing 12 dazzlingly classic Halloween designs. Halloween kids toys built to delight, and have little kiddos occupied all night. At such an amazing value, the squishys for kids are no-brainer buy – meant to last, and durable enough to twist-n-squeeze to your heart’s content. Speaking of that, these toys are meant to provide fidget fun to little friends needing to relax or unwind, and are durable enough to thrive through days of squeezes. Further than that freaky fun fact, each of these Halloween goodies are so safe it’s almost scary, sourced entirely from non-toxic materials. These truly are Halloween prizes done the right way. Finally, the Halloween Squishies from Fun Little Toys are meant to brighten up any holiday bash. Get some gift bags and toss them inside or hand them out to trick-or-treaters all night.

  • Squish Selection: The Halloween Squishies from Fun Little Toys provides 24 spooky and silly Halloween squish toys with 12 unique designs
  • Twist N’ Squeeze: Squishys for kids are meant to be twisted-and-squeezed all about, and the Halloween Squishies are no different
  • Multi-Use Gift: Use these colorful erasers as a gift to the classroom, or parcel them out to your kids one fun-emoji at a time
  • Scary Safe: Halloween baskets for kids are waiting to be filled with the scary safe squishies. Non-toxic and promised Safe for Play
  • Individually-Wrapped: For the sake of cleanliness and giftability, this pretty-looking eraser pack holds each item within its own individual packaging
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight5.51*4.92*3.5[inch] & 0.66[lbs]