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by Fun Little Toys

Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Set

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Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Set

Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Set

Take this outdoor gardening kit to the beach, backyard, sand, and garden! Let your little ones learn more about nature, the cycle of plant growth, the textures of the wet sands, and the various things they'll find using their own backyard tool kit!


Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Set


Introduce them to healthier eating habits by showing them how plants and food grow in gardens. Give your kids green thumbs by showing them the amazingly fun process of gardening! When they are older, they'll take these skills they learned and apply it to the real thing. 


Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Set 

Boost all things educational for your child in the most natural of ways. The set will provide numerous opportunities for you to teach them specific things about nature, gardening, motor skills, and pretend play. Stimulate cognitive abilities and let them think outside the box with these toys. 


Kids' Garden Wagon and Tools Play Set is for Everyone!

  • 🪴 WHAT'S INSIDE - 1 wheelbarrow, 1 watering can, 1 shovel, 1 rake, 1 DIY flower set, 2 flower pots, 1 flower holder board, and 12 butterflies. All kid-size friendly!
  • 🪴 SAFE - No sharp edges. Explore nature safely with our high-quality, eco-friendly plastic. Durable. Usable on loam, topsoil, sands, or the beach.
  • 🪴 DIMENSIONS - Product size: 27.95 x 9.45. Fits gardening tools, DIY flowers, flower pots, and soil. Wheelbarrow is the perfect height for your little gardening enthusiast.
  • 🪴 EDUCATIONAL - Boost imagination, motor skills, both real and pretend play purposes. The naturalistic process stimulates your child's cognitive abilities. 

  • Core Information

    Dimensions: 16.94 x 11.62 x 5.52"

    Weight: 2.75 lbs.