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by Fun Little Toys

Kids Mega Giant Bubble Wand

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"Create massive giant bubbles with PopFun's Kids Mega Giant Bubble Wands!"

Anyone can make wonderful big bubbles with our Bubble Wands Kit! Simply pour the solution into the provided tray, dip the wands into the solution, and wave through the air! The Bubble Making Kit includes everything you need to create bubbles.

The plastic wands are made of high quality and they can create tons of bubbles! Experience bubble brilliance with our Bubble Making Kit in the backyard, park, beach, or any outdoor game activities.


  • 10 pieces of BUBBLE MAKING KIT that includes everything you need to create bubbles: a Large Hoop Bubble Wand (8.86’’ diameter) and; a Heart-Shaped Bubble Wand (10.43’’ diameter), 2 Bubble Blowers, 2 Plastic Bubble Trays, a Bottle of 16.9 ounce Bubble Solution, 2 Large Handles, and a Pair of Bubble Gloves
  • Brightly colored handles can be easily detached for storage and you can bring them anywhere
  • The mix ratio of concentrated bubble solution and water should be 1:3 for giant bubbles and 1:5 for regular bubbles
  • Our high-quality bubble solutions are non-toxic and do not irritate kids’ skin and face.
  • A Wonderful Birthday GIFT for Boys and Girls of 3+ ages