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by Fun Little Toys

Magnetic Toy Gun for Kids

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Check out the action-packed Magnetic Toy Gun ready-made for Future Action Heroes

Looking for cool & easy building toys? The Magnetic Toy Gun for Kids from Fun Little Toys is going to outshine every other collection of toy guns. If you want a safe nerf gun alternative, the magnetic toy gun is also perfect for your needs. It is also a great magnetic building set for kids! This gun toy grants kids the ability to assemble an action-packed assortment of over a 100 unique combinations, making playtime an exciting moment. The coolest part is that the sounds of connecting and assembling are different! The white, soft light provides the perfect amount of bright, dark, or light. These extra-fun features only require 3 AAA Batteries (not included). The crazy combinations make it a fun stem toy and blaster gun alternative that improves creativity and imagination!


  • Exciting Collection of Combinations: This play rifle toy gun has over a 100 unique combinations! The only limitation is gonna be your imagination! Let's see what you can create!
  • Dazzling Sounds & Delightful Sights: The Magnetic Toy Gun for Kids is bound to captivate the mind with delights for the eyes and the best sounds around. The most creative 3D magnetic building block set you are going to find (and also the easiest).
  • Magic of Magnets: This toy gun for kids comes together when Kid Action Heroes combine the powers of creativity and the marvel of magnets
  • Portable Packaging: This marvelous model gun toy for kids promises a portable playtime experience within its premium packaging
  • Worry-Free Warranty: Fun Little Toys provides products that come alongside a worry-free warranty for parents, making purchasing easy

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