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by Fun Little Toys

Make a Turkey Stickers 151 Pcs


Complete package of thanksgiving stickers for kids that consists of popular designs used in thanksgiving, so no need to buy another pack because these bundles got all the 4 designs you need to complete your holiday fall experience. A cute and effortless addition to your thanksgiving party favors, props, stuffers, gifts and giveaways because of its popular designs that children and adults will love.

Easy to peel from the sheet and take off from all kinds of surface area for a hassle-free and easy clean up after celebration and parties. Perfect as a thanksgiving party favors, sticking inside your home or for all kinds of outdoor environments or wherever you want because these stickers are strong, versatile and adaptable.

Make a turkey stickers featuring cute, eye-catching and vibrant colors and designs that are crafted especially for kids and toddlers. A fun and educational activity for a party or at home that will help children recognize colors, hands-on ability and explore their imagination and creativity by designing with their own skills and ideas using these turkey crafts for kids.