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by Fun Little Toys

18pcs Mini Bubble Wands Treasure Eggs

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Get bubbly with the Mini Bubble Wands on PopFun

Gather ‘round, Kid Bubble Blowers, there are 18 Terrific Bubble Tubes crafted from the Bubble Factory itself in this awesomely affordable value bundle. Which bubble tube will’ya choose, friend? Bubbles for kids have never offered such an amazing range - pick from 2 different designs shaped like an ice cream cone or baby bottle! And for those Kid Bubble Blowers looking for their favorite color, take your pick because these fun sticks come in blue, green, pink, or yellow. The Bubble Factory’s designed each bubble toy tube to be a perfect size - 3.5” inches of high quality, non-toxic bubble fun height! These bubble toys are bound to be a toddler’s delight. The Mini Bubble Wands even come packed inside an egg-citing surprise!

  • 18 Terrific Bubble Tubes 
  • 2 Unique and Exciting Designs of Ice Cream or Bottle
  • Premium Quality Bubble Solution
  • Great for Birthday Parties
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside