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by Fun Little Toys

Montessori Wooden Puzzle for Toddlers

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Benefits of Montessori Wooden Puzzle for Toddlers

wooden puzzle for toddlers


Increasing problem solving abilities is a key component of Montessori puzzles, which also promotes spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and the understanding of numbers. 


Montessori Wooden Puzzle for Toddlers


There are many different sizes of puzzles inside the interlocking puzzle set. This provides multiple opportunities for strengthening grip when it comes to assembling these puzzles. In time, this will set your child up for success when learning to write and type. All of the puzzles are also incredibly vibrant and fun, which will keep them engaged and focus on practicing these abilities. 


toys for toddlers


Puzzles aid in the development and maintenance of hand-eye coordination, much like any other activity involving small parts. They demand precise coordination between the hands and the brain.

Features of the Montessori Wooden Puzzle for Toddlers

  • Montessori Learning Toys for Toddlers: Our wooden puzzles are designed for children aged 2+. Fun Little Toys wooden puzzles will help your kids improve spatial awareness, fine motor skills, improved concentration, and shape recognition.

  • 4 High-Quality Puzzles: Our puzzles are made of durable, eco-friendly wood, lead-free wood, and coated with non-toxic water-based paint. These are safe for your children to play with! 

  • Bright colors and cute shapes: This set of wooden puzzles has 4 different ending shapes: a ship, a police car, a dinosaur, and a crocodile. The jigsaw puzzle features of these make the building process extra fun and challenging. The pieces are also closely connected and stable to use. Cartoon designs combined with bright coloring makes this educational toy perfect for your baby.

  • The perfect size for toddlers: Each puzzle is 8.4 x 4 inches, which is the right size for the right age. The puzzle pieces are thick enough for a baby to grasp easily. At the same time, the puzzle pieces are big enough to prevent choking hazards.

  • Fun and educational wooden toys: A great toddler activity for your kids! They can play puzzles at home, boosting cognitive perception and brain development.