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by Fun Little Toys

24 Pcs Multi-color Easter Eggs

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Find Your Favorite Easter Egg for the Upcoming Holiday

Hop hop hop! I spot bunnies hopping about! It’s Easter! Are you preparing for an Easter egg hunt event? If you are, hop right in and check out our beautiful plastic Easter eggs that come in vibrant shades of pink, red, green, yellow, blue, and purple! Open the eggs and stuff your favorite Easter egg fillers such as candies and toys inside! Collect all your eggs for your Easter basket stuffers. Enjoy a colorful Easter celebration with our fillable Easter eggs!

Features of Multi-color Easter Egg

  • Six Different Colors: 24 Easter eggs that come in 6 vibrant shades of pink (4 eggs), green (4 eggs), blue (4 eggs), purple (4 eggs), red (4 eggs), and yellow (4 eggs)
  • Size: 1. The easter egg is great for Easter basket stuffers, egg measures 3.1 inches tall box dimensions: 7.9 X 4.3 X 4.7 inches
  • Great Quality: Featuring hinges to keep the top and bottom half of eggs together
  • Customize Your Egg-hunt Events: Designed for Easter events – perfect for Easter parties, Easter basket stuffers, party favors, and more!