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by Fun Little Toys

Dinosaur Toy: Hand Puppets

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Reignite creative play with the Prehistoric Hand Puppets today

The Prehistoric Hand Puppets from Fun Little Toys provides 2 kids Dinosaur Puppets made with comfortable latex play material and terrifyingly realistic textures. Dinosaur puppets for kids this realistic deserve an award, featuring terrifyingly terrific textures alongside true-to-life colors deep and bold. Discover a set of hand puppets for kids which represent interactivity on a whole new level! Educational and entertaining, the whole family can enjoy these kids play puppets with ease. At such an affordable price, why not buy two!

  • Comfortable Pair: The Prehistoric Hand Puppets from Fun Little Toys are 2 incredibly exciting hand puppets made from premium quality play material: certified safe latex material that’s been declared to be 100% Non-Toxic and Safe for Play
  • Measured Perfectly: Each of the hand puppets has been manufactured with perfect measurements, with Velociraptor and Triceratops which both measure out to 7.1”in length
  • Roaringly Realistic: This product contains puppets displaying an amazing attention to detail unmatched by puppets on the market today
  • Interactive Toys: Hand puppets for kids represent the best of both classic and interactive toys for toddlers, bringing playtime engagement to a whole new level
  • Perfect Gift: The Dinosaur Hand Puppets are set to be loved by all those in attendance, making them the perfect gift on any birthday or holiday occasion