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by Fun Little Toys

Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat

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The Perfect Playmat has Arrived!
Get the Purple Foam Floor Mat for Kids

Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat


The Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat set includes 9 ground mats, 12 fence foam mats, and 4 gate mats. Each of them are designed to interlock with one another to create a large square shape for your child to have fun in. Each of the animals on the foam tiles are displayed as a silhouette, which will make your baby very curious about what it might be! Keep them engaged and safe at the same time.


Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat


Additionally, the Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat is waterproof, anti-slip, and stain-resistant. This means no-hassle cleanups. If there are any spills, it will be very easy to wipe off. This also means staying safe while learning to crawl! Our foam mats are soft and will not hurt your baby.


Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat


Our EVA Foam Floor Mats are an essential in everyone's homes. Its truly a safe and interactive place for your baby to learn more about the world but in the safety of your home. It's beautifully colored and designed so that the aesthetic of the mat will fit right into your home! 


Features Soft Foam Playmat

  • Household Essential: The Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat contains 25 unique pieces to protect your child while they explore rolling, crawling, and all the beginning stages of life!

  • Spacious: Laid flat, the Purple EVA Foam Floor Mat measures over 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet (45.5 inches x 45.5 inches)

  • Made with Care: The baby play mat has been made entirely from superior quality. 100% non-toxic and safe for babies.

  • Great on Every Surface: Use this play mat anywhere: hardwood-flooring, tile, even concrete surfaces. Waterproof, anti-slip, and stain-resistant EVA Foam

  • Nature’s Beauty: The EVA Purple Foam Floor Mat for kids is adorned with a variety of animals that can be observed on land and sea