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by Fun Little Toys

Rectangular Butterfly Habitat Hamper

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Introducing the Rectangular Butterfly Habitat Hamper offering Backyard excitement

The Rectangular Butterfly Habitat Hamper is designed for the aspiring entomologist! Care for your own butterfly habitat with this butterfly set! This set of butterfly and insect habitat hamper includes one rectangular-shaped 12.2 in. x 13 in. x 23.2 in. mesh hamper and a butterfly care booklet. This butterfly kit has a smart and simple design, it opens from the side as to not disrupt its inhabitants under transformation. Discover the brilliance and wonder of the Monarch butterfly or the American Swallowtail through the easy see-through mesh butterfly net sidewalls. This is not one of your typical outdoor toys or nature exploration kit for kids, this one is for serious aspiring entomologists!

  • A Habitat for Butterflies and Insects: This butterfly and insect habitat hamper set includes one rectangular-shaped 12.2 in. x 13 in. x 23.2 in. mesh hamper
  • Entomology: If you know an aspiring entomologist or just someone who is passionate about butterflies and other insects, this is the butterfly kit for you
  • Smart Designs: This butterfly kit features an intelligent design that minimizes disruption for its inhabitants
  • Raise and Release: Monarch butterflies are gorgeous and majestic creatures. Raise them, nurture them, then release them
  • Outdoor: Encourage little ones to explore the outdoors and discover the wonders of nature