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by Fun Little Toys

Remote Control Snake Toy for Kids

$25.95 $31.95

Slither into remote control prank toy excitement 

Young scientists and herpetologists, guess what's ssssslithering through the grasses? Let's take a look! Ohhh, it's a giant black and white snake! But don't worry, it won't bite! This is your opportunity to learn and observe. The Remote Control Snake Toy from PopFun provides a magically measured RC twist to classic serpent toy entertainment. If you want, you can always make it a prank toy, too! Let's see if you can scare your friends with this remote control toy!

Measuring at 17” inches in slitherin’ length, this action figure snake toy is bound to make a splash during any playtime in early childhood. Perfect for any young fan of the reptile world.

  • Remote Control: This realistic serpent toy can keep your kids entertained for hours. You may move the toy snake left and right, back and forth in an S-shaped slithery movement with the infrared control included in this playset, which also makes it a perfect prank toy!
  • Battery Powered: The remote control is powered by 3 LR44 Batteries & The snake toy can be charged using a USB
  • Dazzling Details: The Remote Control Snake Toy is decorated with dazzling, life-like details. The infrared remote control is an egg-shaped tool providing you with vivid designs.
  • All Sorts of Hijinx: This magic toy snake is bound to lead to all sorts of comical and amusing hijinx
  • Premium Quality Play Toy with Reduced Price: Parents can rest assured knowing that this product is made with premium quality materials designed for children's play