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by Fun Little Toys

Rex Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toy

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Roar into prehistoric life with the Rex Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toy

The Rex Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toy from Fun Little Toys provides 1 Dinosaur Figurine  built with animatronics and moving jaws measuring 11.2" Inches in Length. There’s more than just sound attached to this ferocious friend, as it’s Jurassic-style jaws can move up and down at will. A dinosaur figurine with a marvelous moving mandible this realistic doesn’t come along all too often, so make sure that you get on board with this dinosaur before it’s too late. Terrifying texture this affordable almost seems too good to be true, but rest assured – one look into the eyes of this dino and you’ll see that the prehistoric glee is all-too-real.

  • Ultimate Dino Action: The Rex Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Toy from Fun Little Toys is made up of high-quality plastic material that’s certified to be 100% Non-Toxic and Safe for Play
  • Dazzling Prehistoric Pal: Fit with realistic designs and terrifyingly authentic texture, this product stands as the most dazzling dinosaur toy on the market
  • Real Sound Effects: Each of these t-rex dinosaur toys comes with button-activated sound effects destined to amuse and entertain for hours of prehistoric playtime
  • Perfect Sized: The dinosaur figurine measures out to a perfect size of approximately 9.5” inches in length, and is recommended for kids ages 3 & up
  • Collector's Item: Use Rex Tyrannosaurus as the start of an action-packed collection made up of an assortment of Fun Little Toy’s awesome dinosaur play sets and a fun Christmas gift