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by Fun Little Toys

19 Pcs Sea Animal Beach & Sand Toys for Kids

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Pack up your beach towels, grab your favorite beach items, and don’t forget the Sand Toys

The best beach toys for kids under $20: Your kids will love these user-friendly beach toys without sharp edges. You will see a beautiful sand bucket, a mesh sand toy bag, 6 different types of shovels, a ginormous waterwheel, and 9 cute sea animal sand molds. You stick the waterwheel in the warm sand and trot on down to the water, holding nothing but a smile and the Sandbox Toy’s bucket! Now you know the feeling of creative possibility – and a whole world of sand-shaping adventure awaits!


  • Sandy Selection: This bundle provides the ultimate kid's beach toy experience with over 18 pieces, including a mesh bag, a beach bucket, various sand digger toys, sandbox toys, and sand castle toys.
  • Colorful Collection: Let's take a vibrant array of colorful heavy-duty water toys to the beach. The colors include sunflower yellows, sky blues, fiery fierce red, and lime green hues that stand out against that golden sandy shore.
  • Wild Waterwheel: Interactive & engaging, the waterwheel beach toy spins smoothly when water is poured over the top
  • Marvelous Molds: There are 9 cute little sand molds for kids to shape sand in these sandbox toys
  • Beach Bag: The Sandbox Toys for toddlers and Kids from PopFun provides the perfect mesh travel bag for easy

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product FAQs:


Is there a beach bag what storage packaging?


Yes, this beach toy set includes one beach bag. It packages in that beach bag.



How big is the bucket?


At least a quart size. All toys were great for our sandbox


What type of plastic are these toys?


A very good heavy plastic!! We used them at the beach with an 18-month-old!