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by Fun Little Toys

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Window Curtain

$14.95 $19.95

Spooky Halloween Decoration:
The Scary Halloween Pumpkin Window Curtain

BOO!! Don't forget to add spooky vibes to your window! Raise hairs with this creepy window decoration and show your spooky Halloween spirit in a quick, efficient, and easy way. A smiling evil pumpkin in the window is sure to scare your trick-or-treaters! 

Features of Halloween Pumpkin Curtain

  • 🎃 BOO! -  Festively frighten neighbors & friends this scary holiday season. 
  • 🎃 EASY ASSEMBLY - Effortless assembly. Hang and take down decor in seconds. 
  • 🎃 DURABLE - Meant to last for multiple spooky seasons. It will withstand more than just the normal wear & tear. 
  • 🎃 VERSATILE - Whether you’re throwing a Halloween zombie party or a ghoulish monster bash, the Halloween Window Skeleton is the perfect party piece this season!
  • 🎃 DIMENSIONS - 47.24 x 31.50". Fits any window! 

  • Core information

    Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.81 x 1.18"

    Weight: 0.31 lbs.