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by Fun Little Toys

Shooting Foam Balls Playcar Set

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Check out the Shooting Foam Balls Playcar Set and get blasting

Woah – look over there! Planes, Rockets, Ships, and more…and they’re blasting out foam balls galore. That can only mean one thing – the Fun Foam Ball Playacar Set’s arrived from the friends over at PopFun! These awesome play vehicles come packed with 8  Fun Foam Cannonballs that can be rocketed out of the Fun Foam Cannon loaded into each vehicle: Poppin’ Plane, Roaring Rocket, Salty Ship, and more. That’s right folks – there are  vehicles packed inside this awesome product. Climb aboard!

Features of the Shooting Foam Ball

  • Car Collection: 13 Pieces of Playtime Excitement
  • Cannonball Bonanza: 8 Fun Foam Cannonballs Alongside 5 Unique Vehicles
  • Multi-Vehicle Variety: Poppin’ Plane, Roaring Rocket, Salty Ship, Tiny Tank N’ More
  • Effortless Enjoyability: Easy To Squeeze, Exciting To Send Toward The Sky
  • Great for Parties: Perfect Premium Quality Party Favors