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by Fun Little Toys

Skull Garland

$13.20 $27.95

Introduce your holiday home to the Skull Garland set from Fun Little Toys

String up a haunted holiday bash the right way! Remember me? C’mon, it’s me - your favorite undead interior and outdoor decoration designer, the fun and fashionable freak-ifier of all things decorating. I’m here to tell you ghosts and hostesses all about the Halloween Skull Ghost Garland, an item so affordable it’s almost scary! This creepy collection brings the dead to life with 2 different sets of skull-string that are strewn with Skull Ghosts measuring close to 3” inches in horrifying height. Look no further for fun n’ freaky skull-tastic Halloween sheen. They call me the Count because I’m great at counting, so give me a second. Ah! 12 spooky skulls in total! That means 6 frightening friends per string. What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Anyways, let me tell you my festive friends, these indoor Halloween decorations are built with premium quality, festive-freaky material. Boasting close to 5’ feet of spooky-string set length each. This has been your favorite spooktacular designer - signing off for now!

  • Halloween Value Bundle: Includes 2 Pack String of Skull Garland, creepy skulls covered by white veils & black veils
  • Delightful Design: Loops on either end design for simple display, making it easy for hanging the Halloween Skull Garland along the entryway, fireplace mantel, or wrapping around a banister
  • Stringy Selection: 4.9 ft. long Halloween Skull Garland rounds out the décor for the Halloween party
  • Great Size: 6 Plastic Skulls on each rope; skull measures 2.75’’ high
  • Worry-Free Warranty: The Product comes alongside a 90-day worry-free warranty
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight: 14.17*6.3*2.36[inch] , 0.59[lbs]