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by Fun Little Toys

Snowball Maker Toy Set

$39.00 $55.00

Snowball Maker Toy Set

Create the coolest snowball shapes with this Snowball Maker Toy Set! There are 21 different shapes including a snowman, aquatic animals, a duck, a ball, gnomes, penguins, a heart, castles, and other various tools. The large variety will keep them engaged for hours. 


The best part about this set is that you can take this Snowball Maker Toy Set to the beach, to your sandbox at the playground, or even with loose dirt! All you have to do is scoops and press firmly. Take this kit with you wherever you go in the included portable mesh bag. Great for travel, the car, home, and school!


The toys have lines and grooves in the handles for a better anti-slip grip. Practice those fine motor skills and learn cause and effect concepts with this kit. Creatively problem solve, engage with family and friends, and learn about the world! 


Snowball Maker Set Features

  • ❄️ WHAT’S INSIDE: The set includes 21 PCS Snowball Maker (Snowman, Aquatic Animals, Duck, Soccer Ball, Gnomes, Penguins, Heart, Castles, Various Tools) toys. Snow toys for kids outdoors are ideal when parents are busy. Keep them engaged for hours!

  • ❄️ KEEP WARM: These tools allow your hands to stay warm as you have fun in the cold winter snow. Scoop, shape, and throw perfectly shaped snow molds. The anti-slip grip on the snowball maker tools allows kids to scoop with ease. Play effortlessly for hours.

  • ❄️ DURABLE: The snowball maker set was made thoughtfully to prevent breakage from hard snow, so it will not be easy to break. It is safe and durable for both adults and kids.

  • ❄️ ENHANCE CREATIVITY: Go the extra mile with your snow games and snow toys! Make stories out of the shape and character mold of your choice! Use your imagination and surroundings to add to your snow and sand pictures. Create storylines and practice narration skills. Work on your fine motor abilities and strengthen your muscles with scooping and throwing. Creatively solve problems outdoors and get inspired!

  • ❄️ VERSATILE: Use this winter snow toys kit at the beach on wet sand, dirt, or in your sandbox. Your toddler will love these toys that are perfect for every season, not just winter.