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by Fun Little Toys

Interlocking Snowflake Toy Set

$17.95 $41.95

Set sights for creativity with the Snowflake Rubber Set from Fun Little Toys

Making magic isn’t always easy, but engineering the creation of your dreams has transformed from stressful to simple with this selection of premium-quality rubber snowflake building blocks. The North Pole says that Christmas Kid Engineers simply take any of these beautifully colored and press them together - no matter the weather this snowflakes’ll stick together! This wintry wonderland of creative playtime potential has 500 interlocking snowflakes gracing the portable travel box - Kid Engineers can make Christmas trees, reindeers, sunflowers...whatever they want! Get on the Polar Express with the Snowflake Building Set, and you’ll be set up for exciting, educational n’ creative success!

  • 500 Set: 500 Interlocking Snowflakes to Enjoy
  • Creative Collection: Encourage kid creativity with snowflakes to be shaped in any way
  • Multi-Use Gift: Use these snowflakes at playtime or give them to a classroom for creative challenges
  • Fun-Sized Buildability: Fun Little Toys designed these snowflakes to be portable and storable