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by Fun Little Toys

Spider Collection

$16.83 $30.95

Halloween Decorations

The ultimate spider collection promised to spice up the season

No matter where you place these freaky spider fiends, it’s going to leave a splash on your holiday celebrations. People are going to love seeing these spiders all around the house, making your place the most exciting of the season. Go ahead and get creative with your placement, these spiders ranging in size and their accompanying web can be placed almost anywhere.

  • Haunted Have: The Spider Collection from Fun Little Toys provides that elusive element of holiday haunts that every house of horror needs
  • Scary Anywhere: These spiders make excellent additions to any festively-frightening home, and can be placed in a variety of places sure to spook unsuspecting guests from night-to-night
  • Multi-Use Gift: Use these spiders as a gift to the classroom, or parcel them out to your kids one fun-arachnid at a time
  • Classically-Scary Design: The spider has been a symbol for just about everything scary since our country adopted this hallowed holiday
  • Lightweight Decoration, Heavy Wallet: These Halloween decorations make it so you, too, can break out into the world of Halloween haunts without breaking the bank
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight7.87*7.09*3.94[inch] & 0.58[lbs]